Don’t litigate.

PIcArbs: the Personal Injury claims Arbitration Service.

Arbitration is the faster, smarter way to resolve Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims. PIcArbs innovative online e-filing system makes the process even easier.

Why use PIcArbs?

How it works

Our e-filing system offers you secure, easy and fast access to all the relevant documents – from pleadings, witness statements and medical reports to disclosure documents, schedules and arbitrator communications. Getting started is a matter of following a few simple steps.

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The benefits

Lower Costs

  • No court fees
  • Hourly rates fixed by you
  • Innovative, simple e-filing system
  • No strike outs
  • No cost budgets
  • CADR costs assessment

More Co-operation

  • Insurers’ and claimants’ lawyers work together
  • Properly paid professional advice
  • Guidance of experienced arbitrators
  • No permission for every step
  • No advantage taking technical points

Quicker Process

  • No waiting for hearings
  • No last minute adjournments
  • No lost trial bundles
  • No penalties for minor infringements

Meet our panel of QCs

Our panel of Arbitrators are highly experienced Queen’s Counsel from the UK’s leading barristers’ chambers. Trained in domestic arbitration, these professionals take a collegiate approach to help parties resolve their issues.

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