PIcARBS is the trading name of PI Claim Arbitration Service Ltd, company reg number: 8940629, registered office:  59/60 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3HZ, a not for profit company



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Modern cost effective dispute resolution is here …

The modern and efficient system for claimants and Insurers to resolve Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims in England and Wales is binding civil arbitration

Reject the “enhanced” costs of and delays created by civil litigation

Regain control over the process for fighting and settling claims

Click here for: the full Guide to PIcARBS arbitration 12th Ed

Arbitrating instead of litigating produces costs savings and avoids court fees

PIcARBS revolutionary online e-filing system

makes the arbitration seamless, creates instant e-filing and e-service and provides secure, easy and fast access to all of the arbitration documents: the pleadings; the witness statements; the medical reports; the disclosure documents; the schedules and the communications with the arbitrator.

The Personal Injury claims Arbitration Service

Our Panel Arbitrators …

Are highly experienced Queen’s Counsel from the leading barristers chambers

Are trained in domestic arbitration and take a collegiate approach

Are here to help the parties resolve their issues

Meet the PIcARBS Panel Arbitrators

The growing indemnity costs risks for refusing to arbitrate …

The Pre-action protocols require parties to consider ADR.

The Court of Appeal in Halsey opened the door for costs penalties against parties who unreasonably refuse ADR. In PFG [2013] the Court of Appeal approved a costs penalty imposed on a winning defendant for refusing ADR.

In Reid v Buckinghamshire Master O’Hare ruled: If the party unwilling to mediate is the losing party, the normal sanction is an order to pay the winner’s costs on the indemnity basis ...” The same rule applies to refusal to arbitrate.

Why Insurers may suffer costs penalties if they refuse to arbitrate claims (pdf)

PIcARBS Panel Arbitrators, in alphabetical order (appointed in rotation):


1. Robin Allen QC

2. Patrick Limb QC

3. Edward Bishop QC

4. Angus McCullough QC

5. Simone Browne QC

6. William Norris QC

7. Charlie Cory-Wright QC

8. Andrew Ritchie QC

9. Joel Donovan QC

10.  Susan Rodway QC

11.  Robert Glancy QC

12.  James Rowley QC

13.  Sally Hatfield QC

14.  Robert Weir QC

15.  Theo Huckle QC

16.  David Wilby QC