PIcArbs arbitrations give insurance companies

& NHS Resolve better control over claims,

faster cycle times & lower costs


                     Insurers/NHS Resolve are empowered to:


»             use PIcArbs standard form Arbitration Agreement to suit

             your business model;

»             propose arbitration for all claims;

»             review the e-files (pleadings, evidence & orders) online 24/7;

»             discuss any claim with defence lawyers & make decisions from

              your offices rather than wasting time travelling;

»             avoid paying for multiple case management hearings and costs


»             resolve claims faster with more co-operation;

»             save legal costs and court fees;

»             fight fraud faster, S.57 applies in the normal way;

»             register to use the system here:  how to Register



Don’t litigate, Arbitrate...

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PIcArbs is the trading name of PI Claim Arbitration Service Ltd, company reg number: 8940629, registered office:  59/60 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3HZ, a not for profit company,  Copyright PIcArbs Ltd 2017