The PIcArbs Rules

are monitored and amended by a pan industry Rules Committee:

The Rules Committee meets twice a year. It consists of experienced representatives from: defence legal firms, MASS, APIL, FOIL, Allianz ATE, Sabre Insurance, the QC Panel of arbitrators, a mediator and a Professor of Arbitration Law. It is chaired by the PIcArbs Registrar.


The PIcArbs Rules:

 PIcArbs arbitrations are run under the Arbitration Act 1996

 The PIcArbs Rules create a simple and fair system

 Pleadings are the same as in litigation

 The parties have control over the procedure and can agree whatever procedure and directions they like

 The Arbitrator resolves issues when they arise at the parties request

 The procedure is similar to that in the civil courts, the Civil Procedure Rules guide the process save that the PIcArbs Rules expressly exclude the worst of Lord Justice Jacksonís reforms, for instance the overriding objective is solely justice between the parties not the convenience of the Courts

 No compulsory case management hearings and no costs budgeting

 Neutral Evaluation and joint settlement meetings settle 95% of arbitrations

 The time taken to get to trial is shorter.† Here is a flowchart for a PIcArbs Arbitration

 Costs orders are the same as those made in civil courts

 The settlement or final award is enforceable through the courts


Donít litigate, Arbitrate...

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PIcArbs is the trading name of PI Claim Arbitration Service Ltd, company reg number: 8940629, registered office:† 59/60 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3HZ, a not for profit company,† Copyright PIcArbs Ltd 2017