Why use PIcArbs? …


No court fees: Save over £12,000 per claim

Reduced legal costs: Hourly rates 10% below litigation rates

Shorter case duration: Damages are paid earlier, insurers close their books earlier

Control & flexibility: The parties control the procedure

Efficiency: Communication and documentation filing are simple, fast and efficient

Justice: PIcArbs’ arbitrators are experienced QCs & barristers & take a collegiate approach

Privacy: The claim remains confidential at all times unless the parties agree publicity

E-filing: PIcArbs e-filing system is simple, secure and available 24/7 online

Co-operation: No silly procedural point scoring.  Legal fees are saved by cooperation

Limited striking out: The sole objective is justice not “the convenience of the Courts”

Neutral Evaluation: You can ask the arbitrator to make a neutral evaluation on paper

No costs budgets: No cost budgeting, no wasteful CCMCs 

Fewer management hearings: Saves costs and avoids delays

Paperless trials and hearings: Saves printing, copying time and costs


Don’t litigate, Arbitrate...

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